GG Week 2024

12th to 16th of August — Trier, Germany

The 18th European Research Week on Geometric Graphs will take place in Trier, the oldest city of Germany, from the 12th to the 16th of August, 2024. This research workshop is intended to bring together international researchers working on geometric graphs and related topics to make progress on open questions and explore new research directions


The workshop will take place in the Stadtoase St. Josefsstift (marked as a green house in the map below), which is located in the heart of Trier in close proximity to the Porta Nigra. The workshop rooms and accomodation are all inside this historic monastery building.


Website online 29.02.2024
The website for the 2024 edition of the Geometric Graph Week is now online. If you have any questions or any comments please let us know under

Registration & Fees

We expect a registration fee of ~250€ per participant to cover the expenses of the workshop. This fee includes all coffee breaks, breakfast, lunches, the social event, and the social dinner on Wednesday evening. We have access to 10 single rooms and 12 double rooms. The price per night is 55€ for a single room and 88.50€ (44.25€ per person) for a double room.

Preliminary schedule

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
7:45–9:00 breakfast breakfast breakfast breakfast
9:00–10:30 group work group work group work group work
10:30–11:00 coffee coffee coffee coffee
11:00–12:30 group work progress report group work progress report
12:30–13:30 lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch
13:30–15:30 open problem session group work group work group work wrap-up & farewell
15:30–16:00 coffee coffee coffee coffee
16:00–17:00 group work group work business meeting
17:00–18:00 group work

Open Problems

Please send us your open problem(s) using this Overleaf template (you need to copy the project and then modify it accordingly).

We will use Coauthor to keep track of progress and for other organizational matters during the workshop. We will provide you with the credentials you need to create an account if you don't have one yet.

In this workshop leads to a paper, we would appreciate if you acknowledge it.


Trier is located in the western part of Germany in the Rhineland-Palatinate state, close to the country's borders with Luxembourg.

The historic town is approximately 200 kilometres west of Frankfurt and about 50 kilometres east of Luxembourg City.

By plane

Luxembourg Airport (LUX) is just over the German border but is still the closest airport to Trier. It is a good option for those who are travelling by air within Europe.

  • Distance to Luxembourg Airport: 39km
  • Distance to Frankfurt Hahn Airport: 63km
  • Distance to Cologne-Bonn Airport: 155km
  • Distance to Frankfurt Airport: 164km

Frankfurt Hahn Airport is the somewhat notorious former military airport (because it was used as 'Frankfurt Airport' by certain low-cost carriers), although it works out relatively well for those wanting to get to Trier.

By train

The main train station ('Trier Hauptbahnhof') is within easy walking distance of the main sites and the accommodation (1km). Alternatively, you can use any of the bus lines 3, 7, 13, 18, 20 from Trier Hauptbahnhof to Porta Nigra, which is right around the corner of the venue. (But really, just walk, it's only 1 station.)

Trier is served by regional services along the Moselle valley and down to Luxembourg City. Regular regional express services connect Trier to Cologne and Mannheim. Two trains a day connect Luxembourg City with Düsseldorf. This service runs as a regional express between Trier and Koblenz and as an InterCity service for the rest of the route.

The German rail service offers a ticket (Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket) which includes unlimited travel on regional trains and bus services in the Rhineland-Palatinate & Saarland (+Luxembourg, which has free public transport) for a day. The price is 28€ for 1 person +6€ per additional person (up to 5).

By car

The A64 motorway connects Trier with Luxembourg City. In the other direction, it connects with the main A1 motorway which heads south to Mannheim and north to Koblenz (and eventually through to Cologne and Bonn).

The venue contains a few parking spots. If you need one, please tell us in advance.




This edition of the GG Week is organized by Philipp Kindermann (Trier University).

For any questions regarding the workshop, please send me an email:

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